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Read my last articles about marketing, leadership, communication and other general thoughts.

Don't expect to find complex or long articles that you need half an hour to read and understand. Neither do I know how to write them, nor do I want to. My idea is to write clear and short texts.

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Newsletters... What people say that you must have if you want to be successful. I won't send spam or promotions. My commitment is to know why you subscribed and send you personalized information. To me, it is another channel to share, ask advice, do networking... Let's see if it works and where it goes.
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If you are here, it's either because you need help or simply because you want to talk with me. Just contact me, do not hesitate, no strings attached. Tell me what you need and how you think I can help you.

I will read your message and I will answer within 24 hours maximum. I am sure we will find a way to collaborate, share information, thoughts or keep learning!

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