To learn and improve. Always asking to know more. Questioning everything.

I have the feeling that many people think that the more courses you take and the better grades you get in them, the better you are. However, from my personal experience, much of what I know I have not learned through studies. I acknowledge that they have given me a base, a methodology and some practice, but that's it.

If you have many degrees on your resume and you got excellent grades, that’s amazing. I’m not being ironic. Just remember that it’s only useful on very few occasions. For example, in a job interview, although even in this case I think it shouldn’t be that relevant either.

No one should be hired for having lots of qualifications. Their attitude or values should be the most determining factor. But I think my opinion on this topic is not very common. I cannot count how many job offers I saw where they require an unrealistic amount of job experience and that you must be an expert in 20 different specific qualifications.

Having the ability to adapt, to learn quickly or just  being curious is way more important than having a qualification.  Because with this right attitude, anyone can easily get the required knowledge for almost all kinds of jobs. Moreover, it grants that they will keep developing their skills as well as helping the company to grow and innovate.

I learn every time I ask something. I learn every time I watch a video, read a book or listen to a podcast. I learn when I have to do something I have never done before. Despite not having a clue, I find out how to do it and, by doing so, I learn a new skill.

We live in a changing world where you can get obsolete quickly. That’s not a breaking news anymore. Considering that, there are only two options: you can have this curiosity and stay updated about the trends of your sector and the modern world in general. Or you can live in the present with your outdated knowledge, skills and resources from the past.

It’s not an option to feel safe because of what you studied years ago. Curiosity is the only way to continue growing as a person and to keep adding value as a professional.

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