Persistency and perfection. Two words that are alike. But for me, they are opposite. I am not a perfectionist, I am persistent. Why?

I want things to turn out very well (as everyone I suppose), but the difference is that I am not obsessed with seeking perfection. I don't waste time on that. I know I won’t find it. Not me or anyone. If you believe that "no one is perfect", then why do you think you can do something perfect?

Yes, you can do something that is very close to perfection. But it will always depend on your point of view what perfection is. And if you do, it will only be "perfect" today. Most things are not done when you finish them. Relax, let me explain.

Imaginémonos que has logrado hacer algo que en tu opinión es perfecto. Genial. Celébralo. Es muy importante celebrarlo. Pero ya te avanzo que mañana tendrás que seguir trabajando para que siga siendo “perfecto”. Por ejemplo, una web o una casa. El primer día que publicas tu web puedes pensar que está perfecta. Al cabo de unas semanas tendrás que adaptarla y crear nuevo contenido. Sin esta mentalidad, en unos meses tu web quedará obsoleta. Y con una casa pasa lo mismo. El primer día que entras a vivir pensarás que es perfecta (te recuerdo que es solo para ti). Con el paso del tiempo tendrás que limpiarla, hacer reformas y vas a querer comprar nuevos muebles, si no, en unos años ya no podrás vivir allí.

And this applies likewise to people. It doesn't make sense to be perfect. Nor to be the number one today. That’s why I am not a perfectionist. Because it’s stupid to look for something that is momentary, brief and subjective.

What I value more is having the mentality to persist and to really know what you want to achieve. To focus on working on that every day and to strive for continuous improvement. That attitude is what will bring you closer to success. It’s what gives you the best chance of doing things really good over time, even if you never achieve "perfection".

To summarize let’s use a practical example: my website. No, my website (which I will publish soon) is not perfect. Despite the time and work behind it. Many hours and a lot of effort, really. I have been improving it, but it's still not perfect, and it never will be. Because I will never stand still saying: "okay, now it is, it's perfect." No. My persistency will lead me to continually change things to improve the user experience, to write more articles to inspire more people, or to think about what else I can do to spread content.

And I apply that not only to specific professional projects. I always think about what can be the next step to grow as a person. To get out of the comfort zone and to be better, but never being perfect.

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