My name is Arnau Jorda. Passionate for Communication, Leadership, Employee Engagement, Digital Transformation...

Now I am collaborating at the Catalan Institute of Chemical Research (ICIQ) as a Project Communication Officer managing the European Union project Suner-C.

My Mission

I truly want to listen and to support organizations so that their ideas are well communicated and the employees are engaged.

My Values

Who I am


To listen and to understand.

To learn and to grow.

Natural and approachable.

Resilient and adaptable.

To think and to innovate.

Trustworthy and responsible.

Arnau Jordà pensativo mirando a la nada, foto en blanco y negro
My Story

Who I am

Arnau Jordà pensativo mirando a la nada, foto en blanco y negro

My name is Arnau. I was born in Reus despite sometimes I have to say that I am from Barcelona so people understand.

— My marketing passion started with Santi, a marketing professor that I had in the Advertising and Public Relations Degree. Before finishing these studies and thanks to him, I had the opportunity to start working in Ticnova'smarketing department, a holding group of stores selling consumer electronics. Here is when I realized that I didn't only like marketing in class, but I also loved it in my day-to-day work life. During that time, I decided to keep specializing myself taking a Master's Degree on Digital Marketing and Web Analytics.

Foto de Arnau Jordà mirando una cascada

— My communication passion started when my two years period in Ticnova finished. With the aim to keep learning, I decided to look for new challenges and I ended up working in Zambon. In this pharmaceutical multinational company, I was working for more than two years as a Communication and Digital Transformation specialist. Two demanding years, with projects that were varied, volatile and ambitious, and with a fast-paced day-to-day work life. This helped me grow as never before. But above all, I learnt because of being surrounded by great professionals. Here is where I discovered that helping others is one of my non-negotiable values, that I add value by transforming messages in easily understandable communications and that I love doing public presentations.

Arnau Jordà escribiendo pizarra

— My leadership passion started when in 2020, I decided to leave Zambon and "everything behind" to come to Australia to keep learning. I studied an Advanced Diploma on Leadership and Management to learn the fundaments. Meanwhile, what really sparks my interest on leadership is Simon Sinek. I watched his presentations, videos and interviews on repeat. The old and the recent ones. I listened to his podcasts... I got so inspired that I realized that lots of organizations are far behind of this leadership style that he explains and that I agree with 100%. There is a long road ahead and a lot to explain to companies to transform themselves to be more efficient and more human.

Three periods and three passions. Three periods that brought me learnings. Three passions that made me realize that I can help people to improve their ideas or businesses by sharing my experience and knowledge in marketing, communication and leadership. Because what I enjoyed the most and what I still enjoy now is seeing the people who I help grow. And I am not going to stop doing so.

Contact me

Let's talk

If you are here, it's either because you need help or simply because you want to talk with me. Just contact me, do not hesitate, no strings attached. Tell me what you need and how you think I can help you.

I will read your message and I will answer within 24 hours maximum. I am sure we will find a way to collaborate, share information, thoughts or keep learning!


    Who I am

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