I specialized in communication, employee engagement, digital transformation and marketing. But my curiosity led me to collaborate on very different projects. That's why I also have experience in web development, graphic design, project management, business strategy, etc.

My approach is to think about the strategy first and afterwards to implement those internal and external communication plans. I create storytellings and graphic supports so that key messages are communicated as best as possible.


Involved throughout the process. I can write the message, design it graphically, think about where to post it and finally communicate it.

I want to listen to the employees and understand what they need at each moment of their stage, from the selection process to the offboarding.


The process starts by drawing the employee experience journey, to detect where there are points to improve. All of that with a clear goal: to achieve an environment where employees are involved with the company's mission.


My Skills

We will work on the message. Are we sure we need to share all of this? Why don't we simplify it? What if we add this message, which is the really important one, at the beginning? We will look at what is the best formula to communicate to have the biggest and best impact possible.

I will support you all the way. From changing or creating the content and design to giving you some advice to actually communicating it. With a personalized, honest and deep analysis adapted to what you really need and with actions we will bring to reality.


Internal and External Communication Plans. From the perspective of the Human Resources department. Applying strategies to have a clear structure of what needs to be communicated, how to do it, and most importantly, having a clear understanding of the purpose.

Intranet & Digital Platforms

Technological management and maintenance of intranets and internal digital platforms. I can also create content for these channels and adapt it so it is an useful communication channel.

Graphic Design

I will create templates and corporative guidelines to have a clear structure and to organize the brand's designs so everything has the same style. I can design newsletters, corporate presentations, infographics, product catalogs, posters, images to be published on social media... Creating everything mainly with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Canva.


One of the things I enjoy the most and that I am specializing more in. Either you need to prepare for public speaking or record yourself on video. I will help you with the verbal communication building the message and we will also prepare the visual support. We will practice it while I share with you some tips for your non-verbal communication so that you feel confident and secure when presenting.

Web design

Wordpress (such as this web), Wix, WooCommerce or whatever is needed. Without being a programmer, I have been able to develop functional websites (like this one). I can design, develop, include new content, optimize, maintain it or train you so that you can do all of this yourself.

Video editing

I think and write the script, the storyboard, I can also manage the shooting space, I record the video, I edit it and export so it can be communicated or presented. I work with programs like Adobe Premiere or Canva.
Employee Experience

My Skills

I will listen to your needs and ask you a lot of questions to deeply understand your project. We will focus on setting goals and I will plan what we need to do to achieve them.

Defining which actions are the best ones to achieve your goals. Because there is nothing I hate more than big theoric plans that at the end are not implemented.

Employer Branding

Understanding the business and how the human resources culture is structured. I can analyze all the information, we will set goals, define specific actions and we will measure it. Everything is focused on sharing what we do and to improve employer branding's awareness so that more people want to join the team!

Culture & Leadership

For me, this is the basis of all organizations, and one of my passions (as you see in my blog). I can analyze the culture, mission, values and the current internal way of working. How the projects are managed, which roles and directive positions are in place, which policies and procedures are written down, etc. We will talk about everything to change everything. To transform the organization adapting it to one that is more modern, efficient and fair.
Contact me

Let's talk

If you are here, it's either because you need help or simply because you want to talk with me. Just contact me, do not hesitate, no strings attached. Tell me what you need and how you think I can help you.

I will read your message and I will answer within 24 hours maximum. I am sure we will find a way to collaborate, share information, thoughts or keep learning!


    My Skills

    Read my last articles about marketing, leadership, communication and other general thoughts.

    Don't expect to find complex or long articles like those that you need half an hour to read and understand. Neither do I know how to write them, nor do I want to. My idea is to write clear and short texts.

    Read some and discover if I am achieving it.


    My Skills

    Newsletters... What people say that you must have if you want to be successful. I won't send spam or promotions. My commitment is to know why you subscribed and send you personalized information. To me, it is another channel to share, ask advice, do networking... Let's see if it works and where it goes.

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