Simplicity is trying to make things as practical, easy or understandable as possible. But this value also goes beyond and encompasses part of my philosophy and personality.

In marketing, simplicity helps me to structure the different parts of a business model. It provides clarity about which work processes exist, if it is possible to make them more efficient by simplifying them, and which ones are critical and should be focused on.

It also guides me in my day-to-day work life as a communicator. It helps me to synthesize texts and to remove any unnecessary parts, providing visibility to the information that is important. Then what is needed to communicate is ready to be adapted to a proper format. Finally, adding some graphic design is the last step to make the message clearer.

As I mentioned, simplicity is also present in my personal life. With this value I express my approachability, proximity and naturalness with which I always try to interact with the people around me. It's just being someone you can easily speak one-on-one.

It’s important to me to explain myself well, especially in this article. That’s why I am giving some examples of what I understand is NOT being simple. I hope it helps.

  • Why is there reserved parking next to the door for the CEO?
  • “I am a manager, I need to be in a private office. Thank you.” despacho y que sea grande. Gracias.
  • ¿Por qué por «política de empresa» solo está permitido viajar en clase business si eres directivo?
  • Who decided that managers will have better business phones and laptops than the rest of employees?

I have never understood these privileges. A CEO or a manager has more responsibility and therefore they have a higher salary. That’s clear. But that's it. It’s stupid and unfair to give all these extras to only a few selected people. They only make the differences between managers and other employees bigger. At least, there is one good thing about it: they help you to detect strong hierarchies, that the structure of the organization is not horizontal and that they don’t have a modern culture.

Lo que no sé es si me indignan más estos privilegios o los «contra-privilegios». Me refiero a esas personas y departamentos menos visibles, que son raramente escuchados y que pocas veces salen en las fotos, aunque están allí igual que todos, trabajando y aportando valor.

Simplicity is being consistent in how we interact with people in our professional and personal environment. It is listening to and helping a person from those less visible departments in the same way that we would listen to and help our manager or CEO.

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