Looking for a job is complex and hard

"Looking for a job is a job." Yes, that's true. But this sentence has been repeated too much and it already tires me. I propose an alternative one: "Looking for a job is complex and hard."

▶❌ Complexity and difficulty are not the same thing. 
Complexity is linked to the number of factors that need to be taken into account to accomplish something. On the other hand, difficulty is subjective, because something can be hard for me, while it is easy for you. But it also has an objective side: the amount of time and effort it takes to execute those factors successfully.

▶⚽ Not everything that is hard is complex.
I give examples to explain it better. Taking a penalty kick in the Champions League final is not complex. You "just" have to score inside the goal. But it is also hard because it takes time and effort to become a professional player (and even more to reach that final). Also, you have an obstacle in front of you called a goalkeeper and you have pressure that will work against you.

▶👨‍🍳 There are complex activities that are easy.
More examples: making a good pizza. It is a process with many steps to follow but they are easy if you have patience. Choosing the recipe, buying the ingredients, understanding the instructions, having the right tools, kneading, letting it sit for certain hours at a specific temperature, kneading again, etc. Lots of things to do, but easy.

🔎 Leaving the pizzas aside, as I mentioned, looking for a job is a path that is not only complex, but also hard. Complex because there are many factors to work on: thinking about what kind of jobs and companies you want to apply to, preparing your CV, having your Linkedin profile updated and being active posting, knowing in which groups or channels job offers are posted, doing networking, etc.

✍ And it is also hard for example, designing a good CV that shows the recruiter exactly who you are and what you are good at, requires time. Or analyzing companies to find out if you would fit in also requires effort. In addition to this difficulty, there are external obstacles that make the search even more hard: your competitors who want that same job or the fact that you will usually never receive good feedback that would help you improve in the future.

⭐ Because of this complexity and difficulty, finding a project that excites you, where you know you will fit in and that meets your objectives, takes time. Once you understand this and you haven't found that project after a while, you are still equally motivated and eager. You know it will come, it's just a matter of time. 

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