Arnau Jorda

Arnau Jordà,

Employee Experience.

To listen and understand so I can help you.

Who I am

Arnau Jordà | Escucharte y ayudarte. Communication & Employee Experience.

  My name is Arnau. I studied Advertising and Public Relations and completed a Master's Degree on Digital Marketing. Recently, I finished an Advanced Diploma on Leadership and Management in Australia. Sounds good, right? Yes, but not really.

  Qualifications are good, they are the foundation. But it is the real experience of working for more than 6 years in the marketing, communication and digital transformation field that is more useful to help other people and that helps me to grow.

  Now I am collaborating at the Catalan Institute of Chemical Research (ICIQ) as a Project Communication Officer managing the European Union project Suner-C.


I truly want to listen and to support organizations so that their ideas are well communicated and the employees are engaged.

I can help you if...

Arnau Jordà | Escucharte y ayudarte. Communication & Employee Experience.

You just started your own personal project or you want to

You have discovered your passion and now you are ready to start your personal project or you have already started it. Now you need a professional so that it keeps growing.

I will listen to you and we will analyze what you need. Depending on the phase of your project I will adapt to your needs and budget.

Your company needs a consultant or help in a project

You are tired of gurus, freelancers or agencies that are all smoke and mirrors, that are not committed with your project, and that charge overpriced fees that cost you an arm and a leg.

Tell me your business idea or project, I will analyze it and we will see what we can do so that you can achieve your goals.

What I do

Arnau Jordà | Escucharte y ayudarte. Communication & Employee Experience.


My approach is to think about the strategy first and afterwards to implement those internal and external communication plans. I create storytellings and graphic supports so that key messages are communicated as best as possible.


I am able to add value throughout all the process. I can write the message, design it graphically, think about where to post it and finally communicate it.

I want to listen to the employees and understand what they need at each moment of their stage, from the selection process to the offboarding.


The process starts by drawing the employee experience journey, to detect where there are points to improve. All of that with a clear goal: to achieve an environment where employees are involved with the company's mission.


Qualifications are not as important as people think. Neither is how good you are at something nor the professional experience you have.

All of that helps, but what is really important is how we do things. The value of having values. That's why I was spending time to look for mine.

Now I am really convinced that those sum up who I am and how I work. And the important thing is that they are not only words. I transform them into actions.

What people say

Arnau Jordà | Escucharte y ayudarte. Communication & Employee Experience.

I collaborated with

Arnau Jordà | Escucharte y ayudarte. Communication & Employee Experience.

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